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During my brief visit to Perth (my first time in Western Australia!) I stayed in Fremantle going off a recommendation from a friend as to where to stay as I didn’t really know that much about Perth before booking up. Turns out Fremantle, aka Freo, is pretty hipster and very up to date when it comes to food and eating trends. One of my favourite things about travelling is reading up on restaurants and trying as many as I can (or as many as my purse will allow). If you’ve got a limited time in Perth (or even if you don’t) I could not recommend these places more.

The Raw Kitchen

Image 1Image 2Image 3

This place is what I live for. I can’t describe how dreamy it was, I think I would legitimately go back to Perth just for this restaurant. Everything is completely plant based and gluten free; complete and utter heaven for me as I could eat anything on the menu. And they even had a selection of beers.

I had raw tacos followed by the most delicious raw lemon cake I think I’ve ever had in my life. I went with a couple of friends who both had pizza (which I think was made from buckwheat flour) and I can confirm that it was absolutely excellent. If I’d had more time here I would most definitely have been back.

They incorporate raw foods with a sustainable lifestyle shop and yoga space upstairs which makes it pretty unique. The whole space is really beautiful and open with really modern and fresh decor (serious decor goals going on here). I really love their focus on sustainability and ethics; something I wish more restaurants and shops did. The only thing I could say in criticism about this place is it’s not close enough to where I live!

Check them out here.



Image 10Image 11Image 13Image 14

A healthy burger joint, I kid you not. Born from the idea that Founder Simon Crowe was sick of feeling heavy and bloated after a burger he came up with the concept of Grill’d. They’ve got meat, veggie and vegan options as well as gluten free (I had to mention it obviously!). I opted for the vegan beetroot pattie and sweet potato fries as I’m really enjoying a lot of vegan food at the moment. From the pictures you can see I absolutely demolished it and the only reason I couldn’t finish it was because it was just so filling; something you often find with vegan food. The only thing I wasn’t head over heels for was the amount of salt on the fries but I’m well known for being very picky about salt on food so maybe that’s just me…

It was really reasonably priced as well, minus the alcohol I had a burger and fries for around $15 which really isn’t too bad. I also really liked their bottle top scheme. It reminded me a little of what Waitrose do back in the UK. You’re given a token (or in this case a cap) and you choose out of three charities or causes and the one with the most at the end of the month gets a donation from Grill’d. It’s a really nice touch and makes you feel like you’ve done a little good.

Grill’d is a little more accessible with loads of stores all over Australia so making a return trip will be a little easier.

Check them out here.


Ohana Acai Bar

Image 12

All hail the acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) bowl! My new favourtie thing in the world. They’re all about the superfoods and raw goodness that taste a-mazing. I went for the Winter Warmer Bowl in all it’s gluten free goodness. At $11.95 (so roughly half if converting it to £s) this breakfast kept me full all day along with a almond milk flat white. There’s something about having a super healthy, filling breakfast that really sets you up for the day and this really did the job.

I’m making it my new mission to master the art of making the acai bowl at home but for now I’d be more than happy if the lovely girls at Ohana made them for me!

Check them out here.


And finally…

Image 4

I couldn’t go to Australia and not have a Caramello Koala. This little fella, courtesy of my friend Jordan, is a distant relation of the British Freddo. I don’t think Aus got the memo about the downsizing of chocolate bars though (I’m still outraged at the decreasing size of Fred) because this Koala is pretty big. I’m not usually a fan of chocolate from the Southern Hemisphere because they need a lot of preservatives in to stop them from melting (not a problem we have in the UK) but this guy has a certain Australian charm!


Kathy x


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