It’s been a while…


Christmas Day 2016 Queenstown, NZ (I promise I wasn’t even posing for this pic)

There’s a few reasons why I haven’t posted in so long and why I am now. First and foremost life kind of got in the way. I moved to the other side of the world by myself and it was hard (who knew?!) so I was pretty much focusing all of my energy on settling into this new (a-mazing) country. And quite frankly I then started having way too much fun. Before I knew it I’d been living in Queenstown for 6 months and not posted on here in even longer. Oh, and my MacBook had given up on me so finding a means to even post anything became a challenge in itself.


Queenstown, NZ: not the worst backdrop for a Murder Mystery


I’m sure you’ll all be very glad to hear though that I’m feeling re-inspired. Why I hear you cry? Well just over a month ago I began working as an Archaeologist here in New Zealand. This meant a lot of change in my life. Firstly, I’m finally living up to my blog’s name!! Secondly, I’ve had to relocate from Queenstown to Christchurch (maybe not as dramatic as my move from the UK but it’s nevertheless always hard to leave somewhere you’re happy). Thirdly, this means I can for the foreseeable future say I’m going to be living in NZ – something I’m majorly stoked about.


Christchurch, NZ: my new home!

All of this means I’m going to be making a major effort to update this space in the hope I can inspire your travels and help anyone out who’s planning on moving to the other side of the world…no biggie!


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