Meet the Quokka’s

You can call me crazy (I most definitely would) but me and my best friend, Jack, decided that on our way to New Zealand we would stop off in Australia for a few days. Yes, just a few days. Why you may ask? To see the quokka’s, naturally. And the only place you can do this is Rottnest Island, just off the west coast of Australia. Me being the scratchmap obsessed gal that I am jumped at the chance to scratch the state of Western Australia off my map seeing as I’d already gotten rid of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian National Territory, and Tasmania (I’m not showing off, I promise). Although I’ll definitely be heading back to revisit loads of places in Aus I’m pretty pleased with myself knowing I only have South Australia and Northern Territory to go.

Anyway, as it turned out three of us who used to work together in Topshop Newcastle were all in Perth at the same time (so that’s me, Jack, and the delightful Jordan) and we thought what better way to celebrate us all being in the same place at the same time on the other side of the world? A day of exploring the island followed by some pretty fab food at The Raw Kitchen back on the mainland in Fremantle (see my review here) and it was perfect.


I mean would you just LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE.

Quokka selfie

Yeah, he’s just after the crisps I reckon.

Quoka 3

The aim of the game? A quokka selfie. Trust me, it’s a thing…Google it. We enticed them with crisps, which I’m pretty sure is against the rules and will be very much frowned upon, but we got some great pictures out of it so to say I regret my actions would be a lie. These weird little hopping rat like creatures are quite frankly adorable and I can see why there’s such an obsession among backpackers to make the pilgrimage out to Rottnest and take a little snap with them.

Rottnest 3Rottnest 2


The scenery isn’t half bad either…

Of course the quokka’s aren’t the only reason to head over to Rottnest. Like a lot of Australia it’s going to offer you some pretty good opportunities to capture some blue skied snaps to send home and make your friends and family positively seethe as they peruse your Instagram feed while they enter their fifth day of drizzle. The island isn’t just for day trips from Perth though, lots of people come here as a holiday destination. It has a number of charming attractions like the little cinema, island museum, and Hotel Rottnest (it’s pretty swanky).

Dis Quokka

Dis 2

I’m a sucker for a disposable snap. Pics by the fabulous Jordan Calvert.

Myself, Jack and Jordan pre-planned our day trip to Rottness by pre-booking our ferry tickets through Rottness Express a few months in advance. Tickets weren’t exactly cheap so if you know you’re keen to go meet the quokka’s my advice would be to plan, plan, plan. And yes, looking back it was a bit mad to spend all of that extra money on stopping off in Aus just for a few days but I’m a firm believer that money spent on experiences and making memories is not money wasted.

If you have any Rottness tips of your own let me know! It’s most definitely somewhere I want to get back to one day.


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